ADIPEC - Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference, United Arab Emirates (UAE) November 2024

Ancient Egypt -

Cleopatra Philopator VII -

Cleopatra's Mummy -

EGYPES - Egyptian Energy Show, Cairo, February 2024, Alexandra Sdoukou, Antonio Aburu Ondo, Eng Jamal Al Loughani

            - Ditte Juul Jørgensen, Dr Amani Abou-Zeid, Dr Houda Ben Jannet, Dr Omar Farouq, Dr Walid Fayed

            - Francisco da Costa MontieroGeorge Papanstasiou, Haitham al Ghais, Hayan Abdul Ghani

            - Hon. Judith Kapinga, Murray Auchincloss, Musabbeh Alkaabi, Nasser Kamel, Osama Mobarez,    

            - Pedro Rafael Tellecha Ruiz, Tarek El MollaTerje Pilskog

            - EGYPES 2025, 17 -19 February, International Energy Show, Cairo, Egypt

Figurehead: Cleopatra Queen of the Nile sculpture art study

Innovation Zero - UK's largest sustainability conference, London, Olympia, 30 April - 1 May 2024

Japan Energy Summit - Big Sight, Tokyo, 3-5 June 2024

Mohhamed bin Salman's NEOM project Vision 2030, Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia

Nile river

President - Abdel Fattah el Sisi

Pyramids A to Z - Khufu, Khafres, Sneferu Bent, Sneferu Red, Senesret III

                         Amenemhat III, Userkaf, Menkaure, Djoser, Senuset I

Queen of the Nile - Cleopatra themed yacht, solar and hydrogen powered river cruiser

                          - Proof of concept 1:20 weight analysis show & demonstration model

                          - Making the proof of concept technology showcase

                          - Revolving display stand modification 2024 for exhibitions and conferences

WEC - World Electrolysis Congress, Düsseldorf, Germany, 4 - 7 March 2024




The concept of Cleopatra’s mummy being discovered and cloned is imaginative and innovative, as it can be developed in different ways and offer new perspectives on the ancient queen and her legacy. For instance, one could explore the ethical, political, and cultural implications of cloning an ancient ruler in the modern world. How would Cleopatra react to the changes in history, technology, and society? How would the world react to her presence and claims? What would be her goals and motivations? What challenges and conflicts would she face? These are some of the questions that would (and will) make a compelling story based on this original concept, first recorded as generated in 2003.



DEFIANT TO THE LAST - Cleopatra knew Octavian would renege on his promises to allow her to be interned according to her wishes. She thus confided in her most trusted entourage, to prepare her mortal remains, in the hope of being reborn, and becoming useful to future scientists. She was to be relocated to her secret mausoleum, right under the noses of her Roman captors, and preserved. She declared by Royal degree that her body be dedicated to high level medical researches and historical scribes, for posterity. With particular emphasis on regeneration. She believed in life after death, and that her knowledge and experiences would benefit mankind in the future. She made it plain that she wanted to be reborn, to live again. 




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